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Deployment Services

Collins Consulting, Inc. provides turnkey implementation of technology - network, hardware and software - within the desktop, LAN and WAN areas.  Collins Consulting, Inc. applies best practices, a proven migration methodology and project management to assist clients in deploying technology solutions.

What can we do for you?

With Collins Consulting, Inc.’s experience in handling  migration projects on a wide-range of platforms along with our nationwide delivery capabilities, you'll find us to be a knowledgeable and flexible partner to assist with your deployments.

Asset Inventory
Collins Consulting, Inc.’s nationally dispersed team will help you understand what IT assets you have and where they are located.

Our Asset Inventory services include:

  • External Inventory Services
    An external inventory provides a detailed report of all assets in the environment regardless of their utilization. We collect asset specific information available on the exterior of the asset as well as user demographic information including the precise location of the asset.
  • Internal Inventory Services
    Provides a detailed list of installed software on each workstation, including manufacturer name and software titles with revision levels identified. The software database and associated reports provide a basis for an audit of current software licensing compliance. Information such as BIOS revision dates, installed memory, available hard disk space and software revision levels are also collected. Internal inventories can often be accomplished across your network eliminating the need to visit each desktop.
  • Internal /External Inventory Services
    Providing detailed hardware and software information, this comprehensive inventory provides an overall understanding of your IT assets. Coupled with department and accurate location information this combination of both the External and Internal processes provides a means to accurately determine the upgrades necessary to solve many specific business requirements.

Asset Remarketing & Disposal
Collins Consulting, Inc. will provide complete management of the asset disposal process.

  • Complete audit and detailed inventory report of idle, excess or obsolete assets and their disposition
  • Technical services to refurbish and upgrade qualified assets
  • Redeployment of upgraded and refurbished machines into the workplace
  • Remarketing of systems through an established, effective, international sales network
  • Professionally managed employee buy-back and trade-in programs
  • Disposal of obsolete assets in accordance with EPA regulations with certificates of recycling
  • Monthly status reports and revenue sharing payments from remarketed assets

Technology Installations & Upgrades
Collins Consulting, Inc. can handle individual installations, upgrades, and/or relocations, or a large enterprise-wide migration project.

Everything Collins Consulting, Inc. does leading up to your installation is designed to provide you with a seamless technology transition. This focus continues throughout your installation project. During installation, we use proven tools and procedures for data migration/conversion to protect your intellectual property and ensure that it is properly transferred to your new assets.

Our technical teams follow best-practice installation procedures to drive consistent, on-time deployment across your enterprise and ensure immediate end-user productivity. Your IT staff remains productive, so you can remain focused on core strategic initiatives.

Hardware & Software Migrations
Collins Consulting, Inc. is the right partner to help you with your hardware and software migration needs.   

Collins Consulting, Inc. will help make your IT systems operational with hardware and software migration services. We have extensive experience in migration projects on a range of platforms and nationwide delivery capabilities. We regularly perform migration for the Windows® operating systems, and a wide-range of systems software and products. Collins Consulting, Inc. specialists have the experience and skills you need to help accomplish a smooth, effective migration, software conversion or data conversion.

Moves, Adds and Changes
The Collins Consulting, Inc. Move/Add/Change process is optimized to reduce costs, decrease cycle times, and enforce consistent service delivery. Our delivery teams work with you to find the optimal time for scheduled Move/Add/Change services to minimize disruption to your business operations. And with delivery teams available nationwide, we can support your Move/Add/Change needs wherever they are, ensuring your project is completed on time and within budget.

Windows® Desktop Migration
Collins Consulting, Inc. can deploy Windows 2000/XP Professional to your users' workstations utilizing a set of proven migration processes and our proprietary C4 project management methodology which has been proven successful in delivering large, complex implementations on time and on budget. Our Desktop Migration services provide you with:

  • Consistent quality deployments, nationwide
  • Reduced implementation cost and time
  • Minimized business disruption
  • Single point of accountability
  • Centralized project management

When the development of an implementation plan is required prior to deployment, Collins Consulting, Inc. will evaluate issues unique to a migration of Windows 2000/XP Professional, such as legacy hardware, network security and connectivity requirements. Utilizing our detailed migration approach, the major challenges and risks associated with deploying Windows 2000/XP Professional throughout your organization will be addressed.

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